Sunday, 5 May 2013

What have you learned from your audience feedback? (part 2)

For my digipak and advertising poster, my basic idea spawned from the lyrics within the song, which (if I was selling the album for real) would be the lead single. The main theme of the song is falling in love with an awful guy, or a "monster", and so I went along that vein for my digipak. In the process of making the first draft, I received feedback from my media class on how to improve, and after I finished my first draft I received feedback (once again) from people on

The feedback from the first draft was that: 
  • They liked the theme of the monsters and the idea of normal guys as the monsters.
  • They liked the colour scheme.
  • They thought the doodles were quirky and looked good; it was quoted as being the majority's favourite part of the digipak.
  • They thought it was eye-catching.
  • Someone thought the image of the Frankenstein's Monster looked a bit badly edited.
  • Someone didn't like the solid green background.
  • A couple of people weren't sure on the institution information included.
  • They wanted a picture of the band on the front (I hadn't taken the picture at that point, but it was added on after).
This information was really useful to me, because it showed me where to improve. To better please the target audience, I changed the background of the inside slides so they weren't solid green; blurred the edges of Ben as Frankenstein Monster so that it blended better with the background and looked less harsh; added a violet filter to soften the tone of it a bit.

I then presented my final draft to my friends and family, with the first draft also shown so they could compare. They liked that I'd included a band picture, softened the tone and changed the backgrounds. Their only real problem was with the institution information still, but I felt that I had edited them to the best of my ability.

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