Thursday, 2 May 2013

Advertising Campaign Poster

Here is my final draft for my advertising poster. I used the same basic design as I used for the digipak, to link to two and thus enhance sales (if I was to sell the product). I did make some changes to the design, however, as I felt the busy design of the digipak would not be as effective on the poster, as it may seem too cluttered with the extra text. I used the same fonts as I did in the digipak, as it links the two products, and I used the same picture I used on one of the slides for my digipak for this reason also.


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    1. Eye tend to have that effect on people.

  2. "What have you learned from your audience feedback?"

    Ideally you should have documented peer reviews and reflections on your work at every stage of the project, and this is an opportunity to respond to how that has influenced the final outcome. This question applies to the entire portfolio... everything fom the early planning to more recent feedback you've been given.

    The kind of questions you might ask yourself could be:

    • What positive feedback have your peers and teachers provided regarding your project? Did you use a focus group at any stage (for example, the Dragon's Den thingamajig) to present your ideas? What influence did the response of the focus group have?

    • Same as above, but focus around the negative instead (Harry is a prime example of someone who thrives off the negative -- truth be told, it can really prevent you from making mistakes in relation to your target audience).

    • How might the feedback change or effect the you in the future as group member (or individual).

    • Has the comments and feedback taught you anything about the producing a music video?

    Hope this helps.

    I'm about to post some comments about the second evaluation question on Jess' blog. Feel free to check it out, as it may be relevant to you as well.

    Mr N