Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The quality is AWFUL
I will have to re-export it. 

This is Tired Clich├ęs by The Watchmen, from the album Next In Line.

Conventions of a hip hop music video 2.0!

Today, you lucky things, you're getting two pieces of homework.
Not because I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to upload them until now or anything, but because I thought I'd store it all up so you could have it all in one go to maximise the intensity.

Here is the first of them, the updated conventions of hip hop music videos: 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I've not posted a fortnightly rant in a while. I apologise and will try to rectify this as soon as possible. 

My excuses are pretty lame: I was on holiday, I've been ill and I haven't slept properly in weeks.

I will try to have the storyboard animatic up on time, but I had to download some software for it and it hates me and decides not to do things I ask it to.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Conventions of a rock music video.

I uploaded this to Slideshare yesterday, but I'm a cretin and forgot to put it on here.

Conventions of a rock video
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

This one goes out to our terminology loving teacher.

So me and Hannah filmed out Wuthering Heights one minute extract today...
We made you a little trailer.

If you have not seen Mean Girls, you won't get it.

And we can't be friends.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Track research!

Okay, here is some of my research on tracks. These are opinions on Superstar - The Dead Famous. I did try to use social networking, but my friends are AWFUL, so I had to jump on people, play it for them and see what they said. 

My mum said: "it's quite good, it would make a good music video."
My stepdad said: "it's not my cup of tea, but if you like that music then it's a good song."
Livvy said: "I LIKE IT"
Harry said: "It sounds a little generic, but that's more than likely because I'm untuned to this kind of modern-style popular rock stuff."

There are more, but they were pretty short answers and I want to wrangle them for more.

Watch this space.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lip Sync Montage 2.0

Devoid of blank grey space and cackling.
Today was the last Media lesson of this year.

In other news, we managed to mute the lip sync video so you can't hear our maniacal laughter, but YouTube is taking an absolute age to upload it.

Also, I have started on my second storyboard, and we are filming our second minute extract this weekend. Just keeping you updated.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Call Me Maybe

Here is what our fabulous media class gets up to when our teacher steps out of the room.

This started out as a lip sync video to go in someone's lip sync montage, but it ended up with us all just singing, which I think you can hear at the end. Ignore that.

Lip sync montage.

Here is our lip sync montage. IT'S BLOCKED IN SOME COUNTRIES. This keeps happening to me and Hannah :( Bloody Germany. Can't handle a bit of banter.

There are one or two moments when it slips, but other than that I am quite happy with it.

Songs featured:

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas.
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler.
Bed Intruder Song - Autotune The News
Barbie Girl - Aqua.
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence.
Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega.
Superbass - Nicki Minaj.
Hey Mickey - Tiffany.
(There's a bit of grey space. I don't know why. It only lasts about ten seconds.)
Because I Got High - Afroman.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

One minute extract analysis

One Minute Extract Analysis.
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I do love Powerpoint. I may make a special post one day dedicated to my love for it.

Here is my one minute extract analysis.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I have done my one minute extract analysis, but Slideshare is not allowing me to upload it.
It's uploading but not processing.
I know it's not due in until Thursday, but with my health I have to be well prepared.

That cool story was bought to you by Sarah.

I am also resisting the urge to write on my conventions of my preferred genre 'THERE ARE SO MANY CLOSE UPS BECAUSE LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE AND LOOK AT THAT HAIR THAT HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL MARRY ME JON'.

It's the fortnightly Nicki Minaj rant!

I've decided to do a fortnightly rant on Nicki Minaj. When I run out of Nicki Minaj videos, I'm sure I'll find somebody else detrimental to females, but for now, she is the Queen of Detriment for females everywhere. Seeing as I'm in a bad mood, I'm just going to skip the taunting and go straight for the throat.

This time we'll be looking at Starships.

Let's look at the close ups first.

"Oh look at how weird and quirky I am, I have different colour hair in every close up!" In these close-ups, she tries to highlight the fact that she looks different in each of them, to get us to think she's 'weird' or 'random'. No, Nicki Minaj. Clearly what happened is you were blonde but you went swimming and chlorine turned it green. Don't try to style it out. Ever since Gaga turned 'weird' into mainstream, everyone has been dyeing their hair ridiculous colours and it doesn't make you any more popular.

Goodwin's theory says that the lyrics should fit the visuals in a music video. Shall we see how Nicki does this?

One shot of some spaceships, which she calls starships. I don't know why.

There's no real link between music and visuals, except that they all "dance" to it. 
It fits the conventions of the genre, what with all the gyrating and club dancing etc.etc.
Numerous close ups because she's so "pretty".
There is some intertextuality:

I think Ursula Andress does it better, Nicki.

The whole basis of this video is that some 'starships' come and drop her off and then she goes around and dances on some sand and with some men. Way to go on the narrative there, Nicki. Also, once again, well done on the empowering women thing.

I really feel these wide shots show Nicki Minaj as a great figure in the feminist movement. I mean, look at them. Rolling around in sand wearing nothing but a tiny pink bikini? Clearly not pandering to the male gaze here, at all. I think the fact that the bikini is pink here annoys me the most. Pink traditionally signifies girls or female or women, and so to have her wearing the pink bikini signifies to me that she's just a dainty little female who isn't worth anything more than rolling around in sand and dancing on a van or whatever it is she's dancing on.

"Oh I'm just a little girl who wears nothing but a pink bikini and dance around because that's what girls do hehehehe" I hope you burn.

There are also many shots of random people who have nothing to do with the video.

Nice long shot of irrelevant men dancing. Is this how people danced before you came and showed them the error of their ways, Nicki? Now everyone dances like this:


Sunday, 1 July 2012