Thursday, 21 March 2013

Advertising Campaign Analysis.

Advertising Campaigns Analysis. from Sarah Byard

I know what you're thinking: that's great, Sarah, but why is this relevant? I'll tell you for why. This has helped me to understand how different bands at different stages of their careers advertised themselves: Fall Out Boy (relatively new at the time), Muse (established) and REM (super established). As our "band" is "new", we'll be taking the advice of the wise and wonderful Fall Out Boy:

  • We will need to feature an image of our band, or else nobody will know who we are.
  • We will need to feature our name prominently.
  • Institution information and a release date will be useful to attract target audience.
  • We could include a conceptual picture; however, it would not be prominent as we are not established enough to get away with a single image yet.
  • Linking the poster to our digipak is extremely important; we could link it to the music video, but the digipak is more important because that's what people would be buying.
  • Big, bold fonts will get us noticed more.
Cheerio, toodle-pip.