Sunday, 5 May 2013

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I am aware that I said I was only taking a short break but I've been stumped on this question for a while. Plus Dirty Dancing came on.

How does the poster sell the album?

The links between the poster and the album is an obvious way of the poster selling the album, as the links make sure the target audience are reminded of the digipak when they see the poster. The inclusion of the sell-date helps to sell the digipak, because the target audience will know when they can purchase the album and can build anticipation for it.

How does the music video sell the album?

The music video sells the digipak for a variety of reasons. As discussed in my 'conventions of a rock video' post, having shots of the band out of narrative, performance and conceptual (eg. our shots in the field) elements makes the band seem like real people, and this encourages listeners because (as I said in that post) nobody wants to buy music from an emotionless robot. It also appeals to our younger target audience, because they often like to imagine they can meet and relate to their favourite bands, so making the band seem more human encourages this.

Having the band in the video also helps to sell the music video because it links them to the music and the album, as their faces would be recognisable on the digipak from the music video.

How does the digipak design sell the album?

The digipak design would sell the album because it is designed to hit a specific target audience. The bright colours, bold font and scribbled drawings would all make it stand out in a shop (and most importantly as a thumbnail on iTunes, as digital sales are vital these days), so when our young target audiences are browsing, this will grab their attention. The brightness and drawings also attract the target audience because young people generally like colourful, quirky things.

The inclusion of the male actors on my digipak will also appeal to the younger females in my target audience, because they tend to gravitate towards any male that's vaguely famous; having them on our digipak makes them seem famous and so the young audience will like it and hopefully buy it.

I think the combination of my three products is effective because there are enough links to keep the album memorable in the heads of my target audience. There are more links beween the poster and the album than either of them and the music video; however, the poster is there specifically to sell the album whilst the video is there to sell the album, but it is also there to entertain. Therefore, I feel the combination is successful because it is not too in your face but does help to sell the album.

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