Friday, 15 February 2013


Hello. Lately, me and Hannah have been considering intertextuality in our digipaks and music video. 

Music Video:

For our in our final narrative scene involving a confrontation with Ben, we thought it would be pretty good to include an intertextual reference to The Craft. In The Craft, there's four teenage girls who learn how to cast magical spells and become witches. We don't have witches in our music video, although that would be cool, but there are similar themes across the two. There are themes are girl power, deceit and friendship in The Craft, which can also be found in our piece. 

The scene we are going to tip our hats to really captures the girl power theme, as it's a scene where the girls are performing a ritual to a god. Obviously, we're not going to do a ritual or sacrifice Ben to the gods. However, I quite enjoy their formation in it. I'll show you a picture.

This isn't the best picture but it's the only one I can find of this scene. Just go and watch The Craft, it's a fabulous film. I thought the scene I'm thinking of was set during the day but I'm obviously wrong.  Anyway, I thought we could get rid of the candles and the chanting and just steal their basic formation and the idea of being powerful, because a) I love The Craft and b) it suits our themes.

The second intertextual reference is from The Scarlet Letter. In this, the woman has a scarlet 'A' stitched onto her clothing to declare that she has committed adultery. Whilst we may not stick an 'A' onto Ben (it may be a black heart to suit the song lyrics), something will be stuck to him to show he has been around. This paragraph wasn't as long because it's not as interesting but hey ho.


My digipak may as well be one big intertextual reference. Because the album is called Monsters, I've decided to have Hammer Horror monsters on my digipak. I've got Ben as Frankenstein's Monster and another Ben as Dracula and Jade as a mummy. I picked these because they are instantly recognisable to the target audience (I've explained this is more detail in another post).

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