Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Digipak Sketches.

This is the sketch design for my digipak. As you can see, I cannot draw, but I thought I would try regardless. Our album is called 'Monsters', so I thought I'd go along with that theme and have monsters everywhere on the digipak. I'm going to feature photography of monsters and the band, as well as cartoon drawings of monsters that I'm hopefully going to make on Photoshop (because I clearly won't be able to hand draw them).

The inside panels will feature a girl and a monster on each, doing normal, couple-y, romantic things. The pictures actually depict them swooning and screaming and stuff, but I changed my mind, on the helpful advice of Hannah. I'm going to have three different guys playing the monsters, and there'll be a mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster. I've gone with a Hammer Horror theme because they're so easily recognisable that the target audience will get it. 


This is a girl with a mummy. I'm going to cover one of my friends (probably Jade, she's volunteered. Probably as a joke but I don't care, you don't joke around me about mummies. And she's Egyptian, it's perfect) in tissue paper to get the mummy look. It's going to be fabulous. In this one, they will be sitting on a sofa, hugging or something.

This is a girl with Frankenstein's Monster. I'm going to use the Boris Karloff version of the Monster, even though it kills me not to use the actual book one, because it is instantly recognisable as the Monster. If I used the actual book Monster, the target audience wouldn't recognise it. Our target audience is younger people, who probably won't have read the book. These two will be walking along hand in hand. For this Monster, I'm going to need green face paint and bolts. I'm going to have Frankenstein's Monster wearing a suit because I like suits.

This is a girl with Dracula. For this one, I need to get a cape and some fangs, and possibly some fake blood from Poundland. I'm going to need someone to wear a fancy three-piece suit for this one and then I'll whack the cape on. I might need some white face paint to pale the person up as well. In this one, they're going to be at the breakfast table.

I've chosen to have the girls with monsters due to the title of the album. They're doing couple-y things to suit the theme of the lead single: Dirty Heart. In this, the girls are in love with a guy even though he's a "monster", so I thought these pictures would fit that theme. Also, Hannah helped me come up with that because she's fabulous-o.


(the bell has just rung so I will complete this when I get home)

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