Tuesday, 5 June 2012

One minute extract update....

Just a quick update on our one minute extract because it isn't going quite according to plan and seeing as I am the cause of that, I feel I should explain...

We were meant to film it today (it's the OK Go video, so it's all one shot so would have to be filmed over one day and not over time), but yesterday I got this horrible pain in my side. Long story short, they thought I had appendicitis so at 1am this morning, guess where I was? The wonderful joy that is Chase Farm Hospital A&E. Never before have I seen such a filthy hospital - there was blood on the bathroom floor which hadn't been cleaned properly, we found a cockroach and there was general junk everywhere. So I may now have contracted herpes or MRSA or AIDs or something like that, in which case we will never get our extract done. 

However, back to the point, I have only just got back at 6.30am. I am struggling to keep my eyes open as I write this and I'm still in so much pain, so today filming cannot be done. But, if I don't feel like curling up in a ball and dying tomorrow, we will do it. 

On the plus side, my appendix isn't about to burst. 


  1. Absolutely understand. Anything I can do to be of assistance? Congratulations on the lack of bursting appendix by the way.

    The NHS is brilliant. CF, yeah, not. Neither will probably exist much longer though, I fear... /stops in case this turns all indoctrination rhetoric and ranting...

    When trying to decide where to have our first born delivered our CF stance was informed by a quote on Mumsnet (not as hideous a site as I feared) which said they'd rather have their child 'delivered by a gerbil' than go there again.

    Have shared your experience of CF; they were the reason it took so long to get the fact that I had been wandering round in state of protein starvation - borderline famine victim stylee - for over a year recognised (well, them and my GP's insistence it was my thyroid) as whenever I went there they'd poke me, find out what I did for a living then keep me waiting in A&E as a timewaster going 'well, you're a teacher, you spend all day on your feet, it isn't going to be anything bad' until I'd discharge myself. Three times. Turned out I had kidney failure.

    Have a restful day. I understand there's lots of pictures of the Queen on telly today, and the BBC have stationed a reporter outside Prince Phillip's hospital for a blow by blow account of his antibiotic treatment for a bladder infection. Gripping, gripping stuff.

    1. Yes, I suppose it's not the NHS that sucks, it's the hospital. And the doctor's surgery I go to. I would have rather have taken the risk and taken the appendix out at home, myself, with rusty equipment than gone there, but it was the closest hospital and the only one my mum knew how to get to so we had to go there. It's horrible. They are horrible. Everything is horrible.

      Ah, that sucks. They are useless. They do that to me, trying to pass everything off on my hypermobility syndrome, and because I'm a student they don't take me seriously anyway. The doctor told me this morning she thought the pain was in my head. I thought about maybe stabbing her in the side and asking her how imaginary she thought it was. But I held back.

      I don't know about you, but I'm so excited to hear all about the ins and outs of Prince Philip's illness. I think the stress of hearing that he was in hospital is what made me ill if I'm honest.

  2. "The doctor told me this morning she thought the pain was in my head. I thought about maybe stabbing her in the side and asking her how imaginary she thought it was. But I held back."

    And that is:
    a) a joke, in case the internet police think it is a serious comment and
    b) the sort of line I'd like to see in a novel. Now, in between an amazing music video, a 40/40 r&p and eval blog, the ongoing Lit joys, historical wonderment and...the other one (bad man, want to say...chemistry...) have you got time to write it?

  3. At least, if not a joke, gallows humour.

    1. It's maths, not chemistry, but I'm sure I could fit a novel inbetween all that... No big deal.