Friday, 15 June 2012


This is my animatic piece: The Adventures Of Frogman (aka Sarah turns Batman green and makes him into a horrible, horrible person). The storyboard will be up once I have found it in the mess that is my 'important stuff' pile which is actually a collection of work, bank stuff, photos, magazines and basically anything I can't be bothered to tidy away properly cleared enough space on my camera.

Special mention to my amazing computer skills.



  1. Frogman is a great guy. He reminds me of the kind of guy I'd see on DeviantART accompanied by "My Original Character. DO NOT STEAL." or similar :')

    This video is the best thing :D

  2. Guest starring Sarah, Harry and Hannah as fish. :')

  3. Computer being horrible. Some really good ideas here. If I haven't been able to watch your one minute extract and storyboard properly by Tuesday could you bring all your storyboard stuff and Ok Go footage with you so if I need to set you some extra things to try with it you can, please?

    There may be nothing to add and you might find you get an extra task / head start on a further piece of homework / chance to do some more of the audience or hip hop bits (I know, so many tasks going on at once) but I'd kick myself if I just went 'oh I'm sure it'll a ll be great' and made you do pointless stuff for two hours on Tuesday.

    Make sense? Am a little concussed after repeatedly head butting a chair on Friday in the staff room (it looked at me funny, it deserved it) so please say if I am making even less sense than usual.

  4. Actually, you'll probably need to use FCP to edit in the sound fully will you? Still haven't managed to view much of it so this statement might be absolute nonsense. Ah, you know what you need to do and are well organised. I'll go now and not post anything intended to be helpful until I've actually managed to watch it. Full of good ideas.

  5. I often find chairs deserve a good headbutting.
    The sound on the animatic is fine, but we'll need to edit the music into the OK Go video on Tuesday.

  6. I never got round to posting a comment after I'd managed to watch it (going through all your blogs now getting an initial mark book going, using some skills in Excel which are, I beloieve the kids used to say 5 years ago, 'uber'.

    Really enjoyed that. A difficult one to do a video for as the lyrics, although telling a story, don;t particularly lend themselves to a narrative us such but the idea of Frogman being some kind of underwater / famous sea-based-films infant terrible intent on annoying / destroying them was really good (that is what's happening, yeah?)

    Were the intertextual references intentional to bring it in line with Goodwin or was it all just a happy coincidence? ( no harm in it being coincidental, in fact if it was coincidental it might just show how right and accurate Goodwin is in that an individual audience member made their own video and instinctively and intuitively included some.

    Performance element - now, electronica dancey type things (or videos as I think the technical term is) are quite scarce on performance or are utterly performance and rarely anything as ambitious in terms of narrative (boy meets girl, boy has turnbtable, boy likes sunglasses, boy goes in a car with girl, boy and girl do some dancing...) s, in terms of inkeeping with the genre expectations, this is in line with what we;d expect (just the profound strangeness of the track I forced you to use kind of threw you out on a limb from the off when it comes to Goodwin. Anyway, rambling over and back to my initial point I was getting round to making...if you had to include a performance element (Frogman's saxophone aside) how would you and what would it involve?

    That post was longer than expected.

  7. That is what was happening. I couldn't think of anything else, so I made Frogman into an awful person.

    I don't think we'd done Goodwin when I started this and planned it all out, so no, I didn't do it to go with Goodwin's theory. So I guess Goodwin was pretty bang on with his theory.

    As for the performance element, the band/artist could appear playing at the bottom of the ocean when it's shots of Frogman just swimming through it. I don't really know.