Thursday, 3 January 2013

We filmed today! We re-filmed two of the narrative scenes: the one between Hannah and Ben and the one between me and Ben. We got some really good shots and some not so good shots (such as one where Ben is about to push me and Livvy walks into the shot and we both jump a mile in the air). I will upload some of the raw footage in the morning, as the router is in the living room and makes my connection extremely slow.

However, we didn't get everything we wanted to film done today. We were going to film the Livvy/Ben/Jess scene, but it poured with rain so heavily that we couldn't. We also need to re-film the phone scene. After that, it's just the performance shots and the conceptual shots and we are done! 

I'm aware this post has been text-heavy, so here's a picture of a happy panda.

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