Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dirty Heart Testing Shots.

This is a visual representation of some of our ideas for our video. These are the kind of shots we'll be using, but they will be better than these. There are black spots where we were unable to film something for that particular section until another day, there are rough cuts and there are shots which just don't look aesthetically pleasing. 

Using this as a reference, here is our problem/solution list:

1. The black sections: the obvious solution to this would be to film something. We have things mapped out for these sections, as you will see once we post the storyboard, but for practicality reasons, we have been unable to film them yet.

2. The extremely shaky camera work during the first verse: as it is a shot following them walking from the front, I filmed this walking backwards. Because I couldn't see where I was going, I had to keep turning around to check. Our solution to this is to have the person not filming guiding the person who is filming so they don't have to keep turning around and shaking the camera.

3. The length of some of the shots: some of the shots are really long and so we are going to have to use different angles to keep things moving, as pop videos tend to not have long, continuous shots.

4. The phone section: when we came to edit, we found the clips didn't quite match up with each other in length, and some of the lip sync is out. To remedy this, we're going to have to be more precise with the timings and make sure the lip sync is, well, in sync..

Although it sounds like I hate it, there are things about it I like. For example, I like the photobooth bit and when we first got it in time, I made a noise that could only be described as a 'happy seagull' imitation. 

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