Monday, 27 August 2012

Second storyboard video analysis.

This is extremely late, and I apologise for this. I completely forgot about the analysis part of this task. 

This animatic is more successful than my first because it has a clearer, more realistic, narrative that doesn't just follow the lyrics nearly word-for-word. I thought more about the narrative for this video and, maybe because it was a song of my choice, was able to come up with a better idea for this one. This animatic also included performance elements, something that my last one did not. From my audience research, I learned that audiences preferred when the artist is in the video, so I decided to include this so that it would be a more appealing music video.

I feel the most successful part of my animatic was the narrative, as it sustains throughout, unlike my first animatic, and is clear and simple. Another thing I discovered from my audience feedback was that audiences don't particularly like complex narratives which detract from the song, so I decided on a simple narrative which kept to the theme of the song, but didn't require too much concentration to follow.

The least successful part of my animatic is (apart from the awful quality and my inability to get onto Serif to convert it to a higher one) the lack of variety of performance shots. They are generally either a close up of a long shot, which makes the performance element slightly dull after a while. To improve this, I could include more shots, such as mid shots, shots from different angles, etc.

In doing these preparation tasks, I have learnt a lot about music videos. I have learned that: I will need to include a good variety of shots, because otherwise it will become dull; it is going to be a lot more work than last year, as it is going to include a lot more shots; music videos are generally more well-received when they include a good balance of narrative, conceptual and performance shots; lip syncing is incredibly important to get right, as when it is wrong, it looks awful and that music videos are more important to people than I realised, so it's important to do them well.

There is more of this to come, I will get onto it immediately. After I sleep.

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