Friday, 31 August 2012

Initial feedback.

Here are some questionnaires:

This told us what kind of music our target audience (15-25) would like to see in our video; the consensus being pop or rock. The questionnaire also informed me that people enjoyed narrative videos, without it being too detailed, as they felt this drove away from the music. I gathered around 20-30 answers, enough to perceive what people of the target audience would want. It wasn't a massive number of people because it was slightly impractical for me to gain numbers in triple digits, as I don't know that many people and posting online doesn't always get you as many answers as you think it will.

Here's a summary of my findings:

  • Pop and rock were the most popular genres of music.
  • Narrative aspects were popular as long as they weren't too detailled.
  • They didn't like too many special effects.
  • They wanted the artist to be in it.
  • They didn't like voyeurism.
  • They didn't like purely performance based videos.

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