Saturday, 1 December 2012

Conventions of a pop music video.

I made a Powerpoint. It's about the conventions of pop music videos, seeing as we're making a video for a pop song. I will make another blog post (maybe even in the same post as this, exciting times) about how we will utilise or dismiss these conventions. IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER.


  1. This is a well considered and thorough exploration of conventions in pop music videos. You should consider using your analysis to inform your own music video... perhaps use some intertextuality (or plain laziness as you call it!). It wouldn't need to be anything more than a brief few second clip that somehow ackowledges another artist (e.g. mimicking a certain pose or camera shot).

    1. What is this, something nice from you where you don't mug me off?! This is a rare and beautiful moment.

      I don't think intertextuality is laziness, I love me some intertextuality. That's the only thing me and Hannah really need to think about, but it should be easy because pop is quite generic in the first place.