Sunday, 1 July 2012

Conventions of a hip hop music video.

Conventions Of A Hip Hop Music Video.
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Here it is. You're now going to tell me a hundred more things I need to add to it and I'm going to cry.


  1. Might not be a hundred but I will go through it in detail and give you some thing to do to make in defintiely excellent (currently just waiting for it to show me the second slide so can't say where it lands at the's some lift music...)

  2. Slides 1, 2, 13, 15, 17, 20, 23 - prettify (in relation to slide 20 this is a rather unsettling use of the word)

    Slide 3 and might apply to most slides - can you put the technical terminology in a different colour please? It'll just add evidence of communication / form / and hammer home the use of technical terminology to any casual observers. Make sure there is one piece of technical terminology per slide at least.

    Slide 11 - missing the word 'theory'. Query use of word 'because' in final sentence.

    Slide 14 - one or two extra examples would make this compeltely compelling.

    Slide 16- one or two extra examples would be useful. Also try and use editing terminology and, maybe, a theorist or two to show how the music/visuals have been linked. Definite scope to use the words 'diegetic' and 'non-diegetic' too.

    Slide 19 - this is often referred to as 'the star image' so if you can get that phrase in, excellent. Also consider the reasons why the record label would insist on lots of close ups.

    Slide 22 - you mention male gaze and applying it. Could you add in a detailed analysis of a couple of shots explaing how male gaze applies?

    Conclusion - add in a few slides summarising your main ideas.

    EXTENSION: Try and use the terms in as many slides as possible as they're the words Goodwin uses:

    illustrate - when one of his elements is used to show something about the artist/text;

    amplify - when one of his elements is used to reinforce something about the artist/text;

    disjuncture OR contradict - when one of his elemets is intentionally subverted in the text.

    There, nowehre near 100. Changes by 31st July please.

  3. Okay, I shall get onto it as soon as my niece lets me stop watching videos of cats on YouTube and Mike the Knight, because clearly that's a better use for my laptop than work.

    1. Did you get to meet Mike when he was at the Old Pond Tesco?

  4. :o I did not! I did, however, see the giant cardboard cutout of him at the Brookfield one. It was glorious.